Before working with Chris, it was difficult for me to perform regular daily tasks without becoming easily exhausted. I was not particularly proud of the way that my body had looked either. I did not possess the strength that I wished for. It became not only a physical but a mental obstacle that I needed to overcome. Being that my goal is to join the Air Force, I let Chris know that It’s something that I wanted to work towards and he happily catered to my needs. For our first session, he took note of my measurements and had assessed my stability as well as my posture. We had gone over nutrition as well, which I had found very helpful. He provided me with the amount of fats, proteins and carbs that I needed to have daily in order to get the most out of our sessions. He is very knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable with him immediately, which I find very important. Though I had only trained with him for a little over a month, I have seen an immense difference in my body. I can truly say that I enjoy working out now. I have so much more confidence in the way I exercise as well. I know when I need to correct my form and I have many more exercises that I incorporate into my daily life. I really loved the body weight exercises that Chris had me do, it shows that there are no excuses when it comes to equipment or time. He is very encouraging, and you get his full attention the entire session. If I were given the opportunity to train with him again, I would. No questions asked!

IG: secretlygrimace


Alexis Brown, July 2018