My Personal Mission

My mission is to provide expert knowledge in fitness and nutrition to educate, train and coach. To be the emotional and mental support that my client needs through their lifestyle changes as they pursue a more active and healthier life.

I stay true to that mission through my overall philosophy on life:

  • Believe in the untapped “AWESOME” that lies within people.
    • “AWESOME” is the hidden potential that everyone has.  It’s not the “skinny person inside a fat person” concept.  It’s the overwhelming explosion that is who we are on the inside, waiting to be uncovered.
  • Accept weaknesses, only to build them up into strengths.
    • We are all weak in some area or another, so why not work on them, so they’re not as weak.
  • Remember LIFE is unpredictable.  Run with it, don’t get trampled.
    • Life can run us through the gamut sometimes.  Do your best not to let life get you down.  And I completely understand when it does; but you just gotta push on.
  • There is a fine line between Moderation and Excess.
    • As a former foodie, I know you can’t just give up certain things.  And I don’t want to so why should you.  But remember when too much is too much.
  • Live life with laughter, compassion and sincerity
    • Laughter keeps us young and smiling, compassion keeps us connected and present, sincerity keeps us true to ourselves.

I know that some of these philosophy points may sound like affirmations pulled from a grab bag of self quoting malarkey (Malarkey. Noun. Definition: meaningless talk; nonsense) and gibberish that other self help people have quoted.  And I know some of my beliefs can be traced back to other religious philosophies. But you know what, those proverbs and pillars of simple tasks to live by make life a lot happier.

And NO, I’m not trying to convert anyone to another religion or point of view, but just illustrating my overall understanding of how I see others.

So getting back on track to the beginning points,

I will openly admit to my own lack of experience in some areas, but that does not mean I’m going to halfheartedly prescribe a workout plan that will hurt or injure a client.  I will get more information and education on it.

When I started out, I had a client who was in the early stages of parkinson’s, others had various limitations to either lower body exercises and some upper body exercises.  My lack of experience in an area was never a question, and my lack of commitment to helping was never a question.

I went into Personal Training to help people.  To help people push past their limits, to believe in them, when they don’t.  I train and coach people to live healthier lifestyles because a happier person makes the world a happier place.  Happier for themselves, and those around them.

I am dedicated in living my life through my own personal mission and philosophy.