Just Breathe

When I was training during basic training, I had a problem my breathing while doing pushups, which my upper body strength was weak.  I had the tendency to hold my breath, exhale while going doing to the ground, inhale while pushing back up.  And my Drill Sergeant would shout at me to go faster.  In his own yelling manner, he’d shout “BREATHE OUT WHEN PUSHING UP!” And in the stressful times of Basic training, I learned quickly breathing during exercising.

In controlling my breathing, I found myself getting stronger, faster and all around better than I was versus when I started.  

Breathing has all sorts of benefits for the body when you supply it with adequate amounts of oxygen.  While exercising breathing increases your heart rate to supply muscles that are working with oxygen, and converts available glycogen into glucose and into ATP which when broken down becomes ADP.  All the science of it essentially breaks down to, supplying oxygen to your muscles helps burn stored fats.

But breathing faster doesn’t necessarily mean you burn more stored fats.  Breathing does burn stored calories, which at rest is just your resting metabolic rate; the amount of calories your body burns at rest.  Increasing your breathing rate during physical activity does add more to you caloric burning.

But with improper breathing one can cause more harm to the body than good.  When you hold your breath you starve your body from oxygen, which makes your weaker because your muscles are not getting adequate amount of oxygen to produce energy.  Improper breathing also strains the body and muscles in ways where you can pull a muscle and strain it which can produce injuries.  As well as when your body does not have enough oxygen your body converts glucose into lactic acid, which leads to fatigue and muscle soreness and cramping.

So remember to breathe.

PS. Also side note on the fact that breathing also relaxes the body, slows the heart rate as well as calms the mind.

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