Who Am I?

My name is Chris-Rand. But you can call me Trainer Rand.

This is my first official blog post for this new endeavor I am embarking on.  Which involves healthy living, healthy cooking, fitness and all things well being.  

Well, I have let a few other blogs with similar topic points slip through my fingers in the past, because they were ideas that were not fully realized and I didn’t have the education and knowledge I have now.

So with this blog, along with a tie in YouTube Channel, I will touch on tasty recipes for healthy cooking (that doesn’t involve eating bland chicken and broccoli), exercise and fitness as well as mindfulness, meditation, and accountability.

So lets begin.

Preface About Me


In short I am a multi-ethnic mutt born and raised in Hawaii, now living on the continental United States, in sweltering Phoenix, Arizona.  I am a veteran of the War in Iraq.  I love health and fitness in general.  I am NASM certified in personal training and fitness nutrition. I am a movie geek, as well as a fan of science fiction and fantasy, so there may be some reference to a movie, comic book or book, even references to music.

Youngin’ Me

So if any of you have been to the island of Kauai, which is my home island, you will know how absolutely gorgeous it is.

Take a Look:

ButI wasn’t always the health conscious minded individual that I am today.  I was easily the exact opposite as I am today.  I was a bookworm who stayed in, didn’t exercise, played video games daily, and loathed myself for being unfit.  

This unhealthy lifestyle stemmed from my grandma’s “I feed you because I love you” mentality, where she’d constantly fill my plate with food.  Yes, I was born a chubby baby, so she kept feeding me.

One of my favorite fat kid memories was going to Taco Bell, and my grandma would sit and chat with her friends, cuz old people chat it up in fast food places.  She would say in her broken English, “Taco Bell is better than McDonalds, we cheap but not that cheap.”

Yes, I stated that in proper english but it would be an insult to mimic her through text.

And while she talked to her friends, she would give me ten dollars and say “Buy yourself more tacos and wait.  Grandma is having a conversation.”

So my perception of food was highly distorted.


In high school I was emo (which in the early two thousands, was like post goth that was morbid, yet emotional and sensitive, but not full goth).

And in those emo days, what was my solace to not feel so down on myself?


And If you been to Hawaii you know how amazing the local food is.  Mixutre of Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Hawaiian, Filipino, standard American, all slopped onto a take out container, each food melding into one another in yummy, yummy goodness.


Eating like that a few times a week, and sometimes multiple times daily, isn’t good.

Plates filled with complex carbs with more complex carbs, fatty meats and more fatty meats, vegetables boiled down till there is no good nutrients left.

But it tastes delicious.

I will admit I have a fat kid in me, which if you hadn’t noticed comes out when I talk about food, and that when I do visit home, I do overdo it on the foods there.


Shortly after graduating high school, and a few other events, which I will get to at a later time, lead me to joining in the United States Army National Guard.  I wanted to get away, I wanted to change myself, I wanted to say I did something with my life.

Yet, I was too scared to go full service, so I went National Guard.

I still get the training and experience, yet not a fully fully committed thing, because it was part time.

Flash forward a few months, it took for to process into the system, granted it was in 2004 so they were essentially taking anyone who would join, because out of fear that they may institute a draft.

To think worrying about a Draft during the Bush Adminstration was the worst we had to worry about.  Now we get to worry about Nuclear war under the current Administration and loss of our rights.

But I digress.

I did my training in Fort Benning, GA; 11-B, infantry man.

I had full opportunity to go Air Force or something safer, yet I wanted a “manly” and “brave” occupation so I chose one of the lower ones on the list.  Hell, I could have been a mechanic or even a medic or radio operator.

Poor choices in life, you learn to live with it.

BUT poor choice or not, I had a thrilling experience oversees in Iraq, because of the fact that I was seperated from the Hawaii National Guard, and placed with another unit; and I later found out I was separated because of my last name.

While other guys in my Hawaii unit had names like Pascal, Fernandez, and Madang; while I had the last name of Schiffer.  The most white sounding name out of all of them, so I was placed with a white unit because of a bit of racial profiling of my name.

BUT with being separated none of the other guys in my home platoon could say they did raids, prisoner escort, hunting missions, retrieval of sensitive information, being in high speeding convoys, sniper recon, bomb searching not at a gate, and patrolling. Most of the time they did tower guards and gate duty.  The guys who were stuck on the base, being so close to leaving the wire (green zone / safe zone), yet not able to; and I was going out there practically every other day.

While in the Army, I fell in love with fitness.

From playing sports, to running obstacle courses, to regular exercise.

It amazed even myself that I could love something so physically taxing and strenuous at times, when compared to my high school and child self.

Flash forward a few years.

I had Ups and Downs like any other person, which I may get into at some other point

BUT, Ultimately I decided to act on my lvoe of health and fitness.  From yo-yo-ing in sizes and weights, I wanted to get myself into a better place and help others.  So I enrolled in NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and got myself certified as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

It was always a passion of mine to help others in some capacity.  And Being a personal trainer, allows me to combine my love of health and fitness and passion to help others.

So, that is me.  Writer, author, blogger, geek, gymrat.

And as you can see I have struggled with food as a lot of people have done.

And I will be posting links to YouTube vids and all that fun stuff and recipes when they all start coming along.

Please leave a comment and like and subscribe please.

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